[PvP + DPS] Stamina / Dragonknight – Minor Threat

[PvP + DPS] Stamina / Dragonknight – Minor Threat

| Builder: @SharkWithALaserBeam | Class: Dragonknight  | Race: Khajiit | Style: PvP DPS | DiGX: Yes |


If you’re looking for an in your face, throw caution to the wind build, then look no further because Minor Threat is the build for you. Glass Cannon, check. Survivability, no … err yes, check! Minor Threat is a build which utilizes the self-buffing power of the Dragonknight class to provide the extra oomph that gives it such great survivability. Though a glass cannon in approach, make no mistake this build earns its living on the front lines, where it can be found merc’ing fools and cc’ing players attempting to flee with their lives. The key in this build is taking full advantage of the powerful passives found in the Earthen Heart skill line. Passives such as Battle Roar and Helping Hands ensure you have the resources to keep going in any fight. This means each cast of the cheap double CC, Fossilize, or your Igneous Shields grants you the minor brutality buff along with restoring 5% of your stamina. Couple this with using a low cost ultimate, such as Take Flight, and you will be restoring Heath, Stamina, and Magicka as fast as you can earn 110 ultimate. All of this gives Minor Threat versatility, synergy, mobility, and survivability. Coupled with raw damage penetration and 4k weapon damage (with buffs), and this is a five-tool player build if ever there was one!

Main Hand: Rally, Critical Rush, Dizzying Swing, Executioner, Fossilize    Take Flight

OffHand: Poison Injection, Shuffle, Hardened Armor, Igneous Shield, Resolving Vigor    Standard of Might

Potions & Food

Minor Threat really only uses one potion, Essence of Immovability. Truly this is a potion that every PvP build out there can benefit from; here it is useful to prevent being locked down in chokepoints and helps to mitigate the many high-risk situations this build will find itself in. The other potion is just the standard trash stamina pots, Essence of Stamina. These are dropped by nearly ever mob in PvE and perfect to inhale on demand when you need that extra boost of resources. Finally, Minor Threat uses Garlic Cod with Potato Crust, a max Health and max Stamina food.


  • The following skills make excellent flex options for the build; Caltrops, Noxious Breath, Dragonfire, and Choking Talons.
  • This self-buff / kill rotation can be done without ever breaking stealth; (1) Rally (2) Bar Swap (3) Shuffle (4) Hardened Armor (5) Draw a heavy attack (6) Release with Poison Injection (6) Bar Swap into a Critical Rush (7) Execute. This rotation may take some practice but is deadly once mastered.
  • Bow passives and Champion Point bonuses mean that this build is excellent at hit and run tactics, where shuffle and a dodge roll (which grants major expedition on the bow bar) helps you escape.
  • This build uses Spriggan’s, Viper’s Sting, and Kra’gh (one piece).

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2 Replies to “[PvP + DPS] Stamina / Dragonknight – Minor Threat”

  1. This is very helpful. The front bar is what I’m accustomed to running, but the back bar is very different. The gear and champion points are very different, which is probably why I play this class poorly. I’m not sure I understand the point of the one Stoneskin piece, though. I’d think it would be more effective to run 5x Spriggan and 5x Viper. In any case, I have all of the gear for this so I’ll try it that way.

    1. The stoneskin the unique bracer version of Spriggan. I use to run 5 viper with the debaser sharpened 2H. But i got a sharpen 2H vMA Battle axe and sword, i also have a decent trait maul. The merciless charge enchant is BiS for two handers by a long run.

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