DIG’s September Build Contest

DIG’s September Build Contest

DIG Build Contest Rules

  • Free to enter.  Enter as many builds in as many categories as you like
  • You may win one 1st place prize and one 2nd place prize total
  • Contest is open to Guild members only
  • Contest submission period opens at NOON EDT 09/04/17, running through September, closing at MIDNIGHT EDT 09/30/17
  • Prizes will be awarded during the weekly Friday Night Fight on 10/06/17 starting @7PM EDT
  • YOU MUST BE PRESENT AND FIGHT YOUR BUILD TO WIN. The purpose of the contest is to build an unstoppable buzz saw of vicious destruction, you must back your theory with results in the field to get your cash.

Develop your build to operate in a team environment.  Theorycraft around the purpose of the TEAM which will be to obliterate, eviscerate and humiliate all who would dare to stand against us in opposition.  Crushing your enemies and hearing the lamentations of their loved ones is your mission and purpose.

There are 7 total categories with 7 first and 7 second place winners for a possible 14 total winners. YOU MAY ENTER MULTIPLE TIMES. Some builders may win a first place and a second place finish.  Prize money is 200,000 in game ESO Gold for first and 25,000 Gold for second in each category. Some categories may go unawarded if no suitable entries are received.

First or Second Place money may be awarded in the following categories:

  • AOE Potential – Big damage to big groups.  Like an avalanche.
  • Single Target – Sustained big damage to one or two fools. Ability to focus.
  • Burst Damage – Big whomp of a hella surprise damage. Go BOOMBA BOOM!
  • Resource Management – All of the resources, all of the time.  Likes to share.
  • Survivability – You can’t kill me.  You can’t. Mitigation and healing, oh my!
  • Synergy – Make the team mean.  Make it MEANER!!  Increase and concentrate our hate.
  • Innovation – Be bold, be creative, be death.

In order to enter you must be registered with elderscrollsalliance.com, click HERE to register.

After registration click HERE to submit your build.

* Please note which category you are competing in with your submission

Five DIG Officers will judge the builds according to subjective criteria unique to our PvP needs and this contest.  Each judge will pick 3 favorites in each class ranking 1st-3rd, points will be awarded to each build for each showing on a judge’s favorites list.  3 points for a first place favorite 1 point for a third.  Points will be added up and the highest point total in each class will be the winner, the second point total is runner up.  In the unlikely event of a tie, no second place will be awarded and both builds will receive 1st place money.  A tie breaker vote amongst the judges will be held to pick which build fights.

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