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Welcome to the new home of the Elder Scrolls Alliance. As one can tell things have changed around here and in a big way. But fear not, the features of the previous forums that you’ve come to depend on are now embedded within a much more robust platform. It is our goal to utilize this platform in order to better serve our membership through more meaningful and ultimately engaging content. This is a game predicated on the connections and experiences we all share in while navigating Tamriel, so it is our hope that this portal will become an indispensable part of those journeys.  

Our plan is to offer new and relevant content as well as to continually evolve our web footprint. As such please keep an eye on your in-game mailboxes along with facebook for the latest information and updates regarding the Elder Scrolls Alliance. We welcome any and all feedback; so please leave us questions, comments, or concerns at

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Article by PaintedWolf

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