[PvP + DPS] Magicka / Sorcerer – The Gladiator

[PvP + DPS] Magicka / Sorcerer – The Gladiator

| Builder: @PathwayM | Class: Sorcerer | Race: Altmer | Style: PvP DPS | DiGX: Yes |


The Gladiator was designed to provide an incredible amount of staying power by addressing the stamina management weakness Magicka Sorcerers face.  This build’s 1426 stamina recovery provides us with a never ending fountain of stamina that is used for three things: breaking free from crowd control effects, dodge rolling, and casting Dark Conversion to replenish both magicka and health.  Between the gear traits and champion point investment, the Gladiator has the same amount of dodge roll and sprint cost reduction as a player in seven pieces of medium armor, 28%.

Main Hand: Crystal Fragments, Crushing Shock, Endless Fury, Streak, Hardened Ward    Eye of the Storm

Offhand: Dark Conversion, Healing Ward, Haunting Curse, Harness Magicka, Power Surge    Absorption Field

Potions & Food

This build’s primary potion, Essence of Immovability, provides us with both immunity to disabling effects and 10% spell critical rating which we lack elsewhere in this build.  The second potion, Essence of Detection, provides us Stealth Detection which is primarily used to prevent nightblades from escaping.  The food of choice is a champion 150 purple triple-stat food, Longfin Pasty with Melon Sauce for example, which provides us with the necessary stamina for breaking free and dodge rolling.


  • A charged restoration staff provides our lightning glyph a 65% chance to proc concussed with a single light attack; causing our opponent to take 8% more damage from all sources.  The charged trait on our restoration staff also affects our destruction staff bar so all of elemental damage on that bar will have a 220% higher chance to apply status effects… yeah… I know… crazy!.
  • This build uses Amber Plasm, The Willpower Set, and Pirate Skeleton (2 piece).

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