[PVP + DPS] Magicka / Sorcerer – The Crystal Storm

[PVP + DPS] Magicka / Sorcerer – The Crystal Storm

| Builder: @Arinvar| Class: Sorcerer| Race: Altmer | Style: PvP DPS | DiGX: No |


At its heart, the Crystal Storm is a shield stacking and Crystal Fragments spamming build. And as with most builds, timing is a critical part of succeeding with it. The back bar is all about defense, so you’ll want to double stack your shields as soon as the brawl starts and keep them up for maximum survivability. Combine this with dropping Daedric Mines and a quick cast of Resolving Vigor as needed, and you’re ready for even the most chaotic battles. The front bar is all about bringing the pain. Here rotation is everything, so start off by lobbing a Haunting Curse at them, followed up with a Mage’s Wrath. The next step is the tricky part; once those DoTs are applied it is all about looking for the Crystal Fragments proc. Mage’s Wrath also does double duty in this build as your spammable execution skill and the Overload bar is ideal for support/management, with its light attacks devastating even the hardiest of enemies. 


Main Hand: Haunting Curse, Crushing Shock, Crystal Fragments, Mage’s Wrath, Streak    Eye of the Storm

OffHand: Daedric Minefield, Dampen Magicka, Hardened Ward, Resolving Vigor, Retreating Maneuver    Power Overload

Overload: Mage’s Wrath, Boundless Storm, Hardened Ward, Dark Conversion, Shattering Prison    Power Overload

Potions & Food

This build’s primary potion, Essence of Immovability, provides us with both immunity to disabling effects as well restoring health and magicka. The second potion, Essence of Detection, provides us stealth detection which is primarily used to prevent nightblades from escaping. For food, the Crystal Storm uses Orzorga’s Red Frothgar, which grants us increased maximum health and gives a big boost to our magicka recovery.


  • It is important to remember you never want to hard cast Crystal Fragments! If it hasn’t proc’d, simply maintain your DoTs and spam Crushing Shock until you get a Crystal Fragments proc.
  • We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the power of destruction staff bombing with this build; shield stack, consume an Immovability potion, cast your ultimate, streak into that group, and listen to your enemies rejoice …errr…die.
  • This build’s food/potions are crafted with the following ingredients; (1) Immovability – Lorkhan’s Tears, Bugloss, Columbine, Water Hyacinth (2) Detection – Lorkhan’s Tears, Torchbug Thorax, White Cap (3) Orzorga’s Red Frothgar – Clear Water, Comberry, Honey, Mint.
  • This build uses Julianos, Spinner’s, and Molag Kena’s Visage.

4 Replies to “[PVP + DPS] Magicka / Sorcerer – The Crystal Storm”

    1. Thanks, and I know it’s similar to yours. If I recall correctly, we have dueled quite a few times. I met you in Grahtwood while I was working on master duelist, and we figured out we were in the same guild.

  1. I’m very intrigued by the use of Resolving Vigor on the back bar. How has this performed? You now have me considering it as an option for the destro + 1-h & shield build that I’m working on!

    1. It does fairly well, but it’s only for when my shields slip, I reapply, and to bump my health back up. A lot of people prefer Healing Ward for this, especially with a magicka build. The problem I’ve found with that is that you don’t control who it goes on. I’ve been in situations where I needed the ward, and it went to someone else. I also run a one hand and shield with this, although it’s Martial Knowledge. I find it buffs my raw spell power pretty well. The alternate I run in 2x Pirate Skeleton, 5x Burning Spellweave or Julianos, and 4x Martial Knowledge. I like the shield for the armor buff, and blocking can take a lot of pressure off in a pinch. I wildly vary what I run a lot, but what is shown above is my “running with a competent group” build.

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