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Streamers are a special breed of gamer. Not only do they play games but they also create content from that gameplay in a process that is one part entertainment, one part informational, and one part expression. Some enjoy watching and interacting with their favorite live stream personalities as they are roaming around the badlands of PvP. Others prefer to sift through prerecorded videos from their favorite streamers and learn about their playstyles, picking up tips and tricks to improve their own gameplay. Still, others fall somewhere in-between and consume such content often in unique ways. But no matter the why or the how, the Elder Scrolls Alliance seeks to have you covered. So we invite you to explore the above links to our current streamers and YouTubers. Please keep checking back as we are continually seeking to add new content producers to the list.

Are you a budding content producer looking for an outlet to help share and promote your work? Or perhaps you know of someone who fits that description. If so we would like to hear from you and talk about sharing your content with our ever growing community. Please reach out to us by sending an e-mail to