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[PVP + DPS] Stamina/Nightblade – Doctor Sneaky Poison Hammer Pants

[PVP + DPS] Stamina/Nightblade – Doctor Sneaky Poison Hammer Pants

| Builder: @Gankimus| Class: Nightblade| Race: Khajiit | Style: PvP DPS | DiGX: Yes |


With a PhD in Rektology, the good Doctor skillfully employs speed with maneuverability on the battlefield to stay alive and finish targets. Focusing on flexibility and stealthy movement, his medium gear is Well-Fitted for peak dodge rolling and running performance, providing Dr. Pants with some very strong escape or ganking options. Maximize damage by stacking abilities and managing procs with timed bar swaps. This build works well in traffic but really shines when surprising some fools out of stealth with all the goodies stacked.

Main Hand: Radiant Mage Light, Poison Injection, Relentless Focus, Razor Caltrops, Piercing Mark    Toxic Barrage

Offhand: Rally, Surprise Attack, Critical Rush, Dark Cloak, Resolving Vigor    Onslaught

Potions & Food

The Doctor carries a full bag filled with all manner of tonics and restoratives to help him cope with life’s difficult circumstances.  Liberal consumption of Immovability potions keeps Dr Pants mobile and having Invisibility handy for a timely escape when the going gets rough ensures that “Sneaky” is  more than just a fancy title.  Keep your resources regenerating with purple drink and you have a versatile build that allows you to get in  and out of a fight quickly with deadly effect.


  • To maximize results drink potions while on the 2h bar in order to proc your Clever Alchemist buff, and then to switch to the bow bar to proc Sheer Venom.
  • If looking for greater survivability consider flexing in Monster sets such as Troll King (Health Regen) or Pirate Skeleton (Resist).
  • Some possible skills to consider swapping in and out depending on circumstances include the following: Mass Hysteria, Shuffle (Skills), Dawn Breaker of Smiting, Bolstering Darkness, Incapacitating Strike (Ultimates).
  • This build uses Clever Alchemist, Sheer Venom, Molag Kena (1 piece), and Velidreth (1 piece).
  • This work drew inspiration from @onetrvth’s Toxic Avenger build.