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[PVE + DPS] Stamina / Nightblade – Bolt On Horsepower

[PVE + DPS] Stamina / Nightblade – Bolt On Horsepower

| Builder: @infrno187 | Class: Nightblade | Race: Khajiit | Style: PvE DPS | DiGX: No |


Looking for a build that’s straightforward with easily obtainable gear but that still brings the pain? Well, look no further than Infrno’s latest build. As the name implies it is all about bolt on horsepower or in this case raw output through craftable sets. In this build, we’ll stack up Hunding’s Rage & Night Mother with some good ole fashioned Agility Set jewelry, light our hair on fire and scream into the abyss at 100 M.P.H. Finish the build off with a monster set which procs off of damage, along with Orzorga’s Tripe Trifle Pocket (blue stamina recovery/max health food) and you’re set. With this build expect to find an excellent starting point for all of your PvE needs. With its over 3,000 weapon damage and 74.0% critical chance unbuffed this little demon is just waiting to be unleashed.

Main Hand: Blood Craze, Bloodthirst, Ambush, Surprise Attack, Steel Tornado    Incapacitating Strikes

Offhand: Relentless Focus, Poison Injection, Endless Hail, Sap Essence, Rapid Maneuver    Ice Comet

Potions & Food

The Bolt on Horsepower build is extremely flexible, with its potions and food being no different. Here one can use any potion that suits their needs. While the same can be said for food, for the maximum benefit we strongly encourage you to use Orzorga’s Tripe Trifle Pocket.


  • PvP Variant. Looking to maybe branch out into some PvP? With the same armor and a few different skills swapped in, you’re set for both small and large scale gameplay. Start out harassing your group’s enemies from a distance, then close the gap in order to finish them off with up close pressure. There are several escape skills if things don’t go quite to plan. But that never happens to you – does it? A few more tweaks and the makings of a solid ganking build begin to emerge. The important thing to remember is to not be afraid to experiment with different skills to suit your needs while in Cryodiil.

Main Hand: Flying Blade, Bloodthirst, Ambush, Surprise Attack, Steel Tornado    Incapacitating Strikes

Offhand: Relentless Focus, Poison Injection, Lethal Arrow, Dark Cloak, Rapid Maneuver    Toxic Barrage