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[PvP + Heals] Magicka / Templar – The Inquisitor

[PvP + Heals] Magicka / Templar – The Inquisitor

| Builder: @Nugelhoff | Class: Templar  | Race: Altmer  | Style: PvP Heals | DiGX: Yes |


Looking to put some fools to the Question, Medieval style? Perhaps you want to vanquish those deemed unworthy and grant salvation to legions of righteous allies. In either case, you’ve found the right build. The Inquisitor is a healing build with the ability to exert excellent pressure on enemies and provide superior coverage for frontline groups. The two keys to this build are stack spell damage (up to 3k with group buffs) and be versatile. Everything is based on the craftable armor set, Kagrenac’s Hope, which provides not only spell power but the fastest resurrections on the battlefield. Since it is craftable you can keep a full set on hand in both light and heavy armor sets. With two monster sets to handle DPS and heavy healing situations alike, this build is ready for anything the war in Cyrodiil can throw at it.

Main Hand: Toppling Charge, Reflective Light, Puncturing Sweep, Radiant Oppression, Structured Entropy  Soul Assualt 

OffHand: Channeled Focus, Radiant Magelight, Breath of Life, Extended Ritual, Healing Springs    Remembrance

Potions & Food

While any potions will do, the versatility that using Essence of Spell Power give us is really hard to beat. It allows you to turn Structured Entropy into a flex skill slot. For food, this build uses Witchmother’s Potent Brew which gives us maximum Health, maximum Magicka, and some extra Magicka recovery.


  • When faced with heavy healing situations or groups that require a greater focus on healing, switch to the Troll King monster set.
  • Normally run the heavy armor option on Champion Point friendly campaigns and the light armor option on non-Champion Point servers as well as for PvE dungeons. This build will heal/DPS a successful clear of any hard mode daily dungeon as is.
  • Possible flex skills include Elemental Blockade, Crushing Shock, and the Elemental Storm ultimate.
  • In this build, any staff will do with Master staffs and similar weapons making this build even stronger. I prefer the ranged attack flexibility and passives of the fire/lightning staffs but for those wanting to stack another 275+ base Spell Damage equipping dual swords of Torug’s Pact is the BiS choice.
  • This build uses Kagrenac’s Hope, the Willpower Set, and the Grothdarr Set.

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