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The Alliance

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What is the Elder Scrolls Alliance

The Elder Scrolls Alliance started out as a partnership between an Aldmeri Dominion trade guild and an Aldmeri Dominion PvP guild. Since this humble beginning, it has flourished into an association of many ESO guilds, from across all factions, sharing a common culture of community and fun. The Alliance is committed to promoting values of sportsmanship and fair play with an emphasis on welcoming new players, while at the same time competing at the highest levels of play whether engaged in a battle over trade routes or in skirmishes in Cyrodiil.

Membership Benefits

Outside of game, member guilds in the ESA enjoy access to all of the ESA shared resources like our TeamSpeak server or the members-only section of this website, where one can find useful information and guides that are not published publicly. Joining the ESA also comes with content submission privileges, allowing for contributions to be made to the ever growing body of knowledge cultivated for our membership. In game, ESA member guilds share in one of the most important resources around – quality members. Guilds often time share members in common and when a member is looking for a quality guild to suit their needs, many times they do not need to look any further than other guilds in the Alliance (which often give preferred consideration to members from fellow ESA guilds). Member guilds identify common goals and work together for an outcome that brings benefit to the whole, always with our priorities focused on preserving fair play and promoting good sportsmanship. Being true to our values provides us with honor and helps give purpose to our activities in the game all the while giving our members a banner to rally behind with pride.

Joining a Member Guild

To learn more about the member guilds that make up the Elder Scrolls Alliance click on one of the corresponding links above and read more about them. Once satisfied one can reach out to any member guild through the Join a Member Guild page. Please click HERE to apply for membership in an ESA guild.

Petitioning for Alliance Membership

The Elder Scrolls Alliance is an ever expanding and evolving organization and as such is always on the look out for new guilds to strengthen our ranks. If after reading the section on membership benefits, you feel your guild would be a good fit for our numbers, then please reach out to us using the Guild Membership Petition page. Please click HERE to petition the ESA for guild membership.