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Visitor Center

Welcome to the home of the Elder Scrolls Alliance, a group of like-minded guilds. Our continually expanding alliance has a strong focus on all aspects of the player versus player environment within ESO. So whether one is entrenched in the cutthroat world of trade wars or has an eye on the unforgiving battlefields of Cyrodiil, it is our hope that this repository of shared ideas becomes an indispensable part of one’s journeys across Tamriel. New content on topics ranging from game tips to currently recommended builds and beyond are constantly being added, so please check back regularly.

We want to do more than merely exist as some static front for limited perspective content. To this end, we choose to offer our membership engaging content from the widest range of perspectives we can tap into, and as such we want to hear from our members and invite them all to submit articles for consideration. We also welcome any and all feedback; so please reach out to us with questions, comments, or concerns.

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